Lumberton Shriner elected as 100th Sudan anniversary starts

Staff Report

NEW BERN — Coble Wilson III from the Robeson County Shrine Club in Lumberton was recently elected as the Oriental Guide at the temple’s annual meeting and election of officers.

The term “Oriental Guide” is given to one of the seven elected members of the Divan, which is the board of directors. Wilson also has volunteered his time for several years to work the annual Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas. Wilson is married to Lumberton native, Sheryl Gore, and they have a 7-year-old son.

Wilson owns an independent automobile dealership in Lumberton.

The 100th Sudan Anniversary weekend activities included the cutting of the 100th Anniversary birthday cake followed by a special history presentation of the temple. Shriners then elected officers for 2017 and held the annual business meeting. A memorial service and wreath laying ceremony was then held at Cedar Grove Cemetery at the grave of Sudan Temple founder, Dr. Joseph Rehm.

This ceremony was conducted by Potentate Stacey Pugh and the Grand Master of Mason’s for North Carolina, Grand Master, E. Gene Cobb. The annual Shriner’s Parade then proceeded through the streets of New Bern with more than 40 shrine parade units participating. Thousands of spectators lined the mile-long parade route to watch the many different Sudan units perform.

Sudan Shriners is one of the largest of the 199 shrine temples in Shriners International with 4,500 members. Shriners International has approximately 250,000 members with temples located throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Germany, the Philippines and Brazil.

Sudan now has more than 550 patients receiving treatment at Shriners Hospitals for Children for pediatric care, burn injuries, lip and cleft pallet and treatment for spinal injuries. These patients are treated regardless of the patient’s and parent’s ability to pay.

More information is available by going to: or beashrinernow or Google “Love to the Rescue.”

Those who know of a child in need of help from Shriners can call 864-271-3444 or 866-459-0013.

Staff Report

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