All angels are winners

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A. Oxendine

A. Tyler

C. Caulder

D. Lowery

D. Dixon

G. Locklear

H. Pinto

J. Jacobs

K. Hunt

L. Rhodes

N. Cummings

P. Oxendine

S. Britt

T. Tomoney

C. Worley

LUMBERTON — Every young lady was a winner at the recent pageant held to celebrate the abilities of girls and women with disabilities held March 18 at the Carolina Civic Center.

Sponsored by the Robeson County Parks and Recreation and Robeson County Special Olympics, the pageant roster included 15 girls, each of whom received a crown, sash, trophy, flowers and other gifts.

The third annual pageant, this year the event’s name was changed from “Miss Amazing” to “Robeson County’s Angels on Earth Pageant,” according to Regina Baxley, pageant spokesperson.

Pageant winners are: Destiny Lowery, Dynasia Matthew-Dixon, Gianna Locklear, Heather Pinto, Natoria Cummings, Carrington Caulder, Phyllis Oxendine, Jayla Jacobs, Kerrington Hunt, Alexis Tyler, Cachay Worley, Lavon Rhodes, Abigail Oxendine, Tralyssa Tomoney, and Shayla Britt.

“This pageant provides girls with physical and intellectual disabilities an opportunity to build confidence and self-esteem in a caring and supportive environment,” Baxley said. “It is such a privilege to work with these young ladies and they are inspiring to us in so many ways. This pageant has become dear to our hearts and is an event that we are going to look forward to year after year.”

A. Oxendine Oxendine

A. Tyler Tyler

C. Caulder Caulder

D. Lowery Lowery

D. Dixon Dixon

G. Locklear Locklear

H. Pinto Pinto

J. Jacobs Jacobs

K. Hunt Hunt

L. Rhodes Rhodes

N. Cummings Cummings

P. Oxendine Oxendine

S. Britt Britt

T. Tomoney Tomoney

C. Worley Worley

Staff Report

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