Crime report


Samuel Romine of Piney Grove Road reported that his GMC truck was vandalized while in the parking lot of Lumberton High School. The vehicle was spray painted orange, causing an estimated $1,000 in damage.


Jeff McCoy of Marion Road in Lumberton reported his home broken into and a 55-inch television and $2,400 in cash were stolen.

Carl Anderson of Fayetteville Road in Lumberton reported a break-in at his home during which $800 of cash, collectibles and jewelry were stolen.

The following break-ins were reported to the Robeson County Sheriff’s Office:

Eddie Thomas of Murphy Lane, Lumber Bridge; Mary Davis of McLeod Drive, Maxton; Evelyn Leviner of Penny Road, Pembroke; Adron Deal of Harpers Ferry Road, Maxton; Robyn Rivera of Alamac Vilage Drive, Lumberton; Allen Barnes of Centerville Church Road, Fairmont; Paul Cummings of Bean Road, Lumberton; Jessie Mauldin of Linkhaw Road, Lumberton; Jimmy Jacobs of Revels Road, Maxton; Ronda Jacobs of Alford Farms Road, Maxton; Timothy Cross of Wilkes Drive, Lumberton; Joshua Ryane of Wesley Road, Rowland; Sharon Locklear of Cabinet Shop Road, Maxton; Natashka Hammonds of West Dew Road, Fairmont; and Joshua Blue of Evergreen Church Road, Pembroke.

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