Kevin Grant of Regan Church Road in Lumberton reported that his unlocked vehicle was broken into while on Elizabethtown Road and $3,300 of cash was stolen.

David Coe of Willow Street in Lumberton reported that his car was broken into at his home and some medication was stolen from the glove box.

Sheila Moore of Spruce Street in Lumberton reported a temporary storage unit was broken into by someone who cut a combination lock off the door. A grandfather clock and three televisions were stolen.


Leronzo Mitchell of Utah Street in Lumberton reported $1,000 of lumber was stolen from his residence.


Christopher Powers of Powers Surveying in Lumberton reported being attacked by a man who was denied service. The man entered Powers Surveying looking to rent a vehicle to take a commercial driver’s license test in, and when he was refused the man used aggressive language. The man left hastily and reportedly tried to run over Powers as he backed out.

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