Crime report

Pernell Power of Spearman Street in Lumberton reported a storage unit had been broken into and $1,500 worth of power tools and gardening equipment were stolen. The break in happened sometime between Monday and Thursday.

Sherrell McNeil of Elizabethtown Road in Lumberton reported a 2007 Dodge Nitro vehicle stolen from her home. The vehicle, valued at $15,000 was, taken sometime between Monday and Friday.

A Nevada Street storage building was broken into Wednesday and more than $1,000 in electronics and bowling balls were stolen. Madaline McDonald of Lumberton reported that the unit was broken into and a washing machine, a television and four bowling balls were taken.

The Housing Authority of Lumberton reported that six air conditioning units were stolen and one damaged in the Weaver Court area. The stolen units are valued at $10,800 and more than $1,000 of damage was done to the other unit.

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