Duke Energy line technician reflects on Matthew recovery

To the Editor,

Growing up in Rowland, I have seen my fair share of hurricanes and tropical storms. There are a few names that I will never forget — Fran, Floyd, and most recently Matthew. It’s been a year since Hurricane Matthew ravaged parts of eastern North Carolina, but the memories are fresh and for many recovery continues.

As a lineman working throughout the region, I saw firsthand the devastation that swept in with the floodwaters, leaving homes and businesses submerged. I was humbled to work alongside the first responders, fire and rescue personnel, medic, law enforcement, the National Guard and many others. And thankful for the support of our customers and the community as we worked to bring power back to their neighborhoods.

This was no easy feat. We had hundreds of miles of power lines brought to the ground, thousands of poles broken like twigs, and entire substations under water. In many areas, our team had to completely rebuild the electric grid.

Most powerful is that our community rallied in a time of need, in ways that make me proud to call Robeson County home. As I reflect on where we were this time last year — and continue to see many struggle to rebuild — I remain confident in the resiliency of our community and am grateful for the opportunity to serve my neighbors.

Roman Leviner

Distribution line and service technician

Duke Energy

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