Chavis has no right to call former superintendent a ‘loser’

To the Editor,

I am writing in response to the article that appeared on your website on Jan. 13 entitled ” Ben Chavis urges St. Pauls board to defeat Smith.” I would like to say I am not related to Mr. Chavis. I, too, am a Lumbee Indian. This is where the similarity ends.

I understand Mr. Chavis has stong ideas regarding the Robeson County school system. I do not know if Mr. Chavis lives in the county or if he has ever lived in the county. I do not question his experience in education in other states. However, I do not understand what makes him qualified to call Mr. Tommy Lowry, recently fired school superintendent, a “loser.”

I also do not understand his remarks stating Mr. Mike Smith, a member of the Board of Education, does not care about white and Mexican people. I object and take offense to Mr. Chavis saying “dumb Lumbees will not hire him.” Maybe there is a good reason.

The last time I checked there were also white and black people on the school board. May I suggest, Mr. Chavis return to California and stay out of the local school board’s business and/or get to know individuals, on a personal basis, instead of calling people names, making false and racist assumptions.

Gail Chavis Evers


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