City need more things for young people to enjoy

To the Editor,

I am writing this letter to fulfill a Boy Scout merit badge requirement. My letter has to be about something that interests or concerns me. I was thinking about Lumberton and how there are not a lot of social opportunities for kids who are teenagers, that don’t have their driving licenses.

My friends and I are always trying to plan activities so we can get together. Living in Lumberton there are a very limited number of things to do. It would be nice if we had another theater. The one place we do feel safe and enjoy is the Lumberton Bowling Alley.

It is a great facility and the staff is helpful. Towns around Lumberton have places like paintball, arcades, trampoline parks and laser tag. This is just a few to name. When I do turn 16 my mom probably will not allow me to drive out of town, because she will worry about me. Lumberton needs more places for kids to hang out so parents will not worry.

Harrison Raines

Boy Scout Troop 301


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